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Alaska is certainly the leader in solar phenomena in the U.S. With winters, almost no sun during the day, to summers, almost constant sun, and the Northern Lights, the state is chalk full of activity.

However, because the state is sparsely populated, the energy infrastructure isn’t what it is in the lower 48. But that doesn’t stop Alaska from providing a few choice solar rebates and incentives, among them are the Alaska Renewable Energy Grant and the Golden Valley Alternative Power program.

And where there are incentives, and sun, there are solar installers a-plenty.  So either fill out our short solar inquiry form for an estimate on a home or business solar energy system or peruse our list of Alaska solar installers below. And stay warm out there.

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1224   0   1   Arctic Sun Hot
Alaska Solar Installers
Residential Properties
Solar Electric (pv) • Solar Hot Water (thermal) • Wind Power
Phone (907) 457-1297
In times of ever increasing energy costs, we provide solutions through innovative renewable energy systems and ultra-efficient building products.
Address 1050 Deere St. #1
  Fairbanks, AK  99709
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1074   0   1   Remote Power Inc. Hot
Alaska Solar Installers
Residential Properties
Solar Electric (pv)
Phone (907) 457-4299
Remote Power Inc. is a solar installation company based in Fairbanks, Alaska. Please give us a call at (907) 457-4299 to inquire about a solar system for your home today
Address 981 Gold Mine Tr.
  Fairbanks, AK  99712-2073
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