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Unfortunately, as of this writing, Alabama has few incentives for solar installations. There are 21 states in the country with renewable energy portfolio standards, and five states that have renewable energy goals. Alabama is not part of either group.

Alabama does get plenty of sun, and has a small group of dedicated, reliable solar developers and contractors in the state.

And for residents that live within the Tennessee Valley Authority’s network, there is a one-time rebate for installing solar energy at a property.

According to a recent study on the solar industry in America, Alabama ranked 8th for states that would be most helped by increasing solar capacity. So be a part of the benefits. Simply fill out our short solar inquiry form, and get an estimate from one of the many installers in the state or look over some of the companies in our network.

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We provide full-service renewable energy system design and installation. Whether you are 50 miles from the nearest power line, or right downtown, we will work with you to help meet your energy goals.


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