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If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

That seems to be the latest strategy of utility company Arizona Public Services in managing the threat rooftop solar poses to its business model.

The battle between the solar industry and utility companies has made more headlines and stirred more drama and controversy over the last year in Arizona than in almost any other state.

Solar advocates have denounced Arizona Public Utilities use of ratepayer money to fund sneaky “dark money” anti-solar campaigns. And it seemed like the utility was grasping at straws to find ways to eliminate the threat of distributed rooftop solar – first targeting net metering benefits and then property tax exemptions for rooftop solar panels.

The utility’s latest strategy is by far it’s best. Instead of awkwardly professing public support for rooftop solar while simultaneously encouraging legislation that would diminish it, APS wants to put solar on the roofs of 3,000 Phoenix-area homes.  

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