Kansas Solar Rebates and Incentives

Kansas Rebates and Incentives Summary

KansasKansas has potential to have some of the best solar programs in the nation, with the vast amount of sunlight that the state enjoys. Without so much sun, Kansas would not be able to have the thriving agricultural business that it does. Unfortunately, the Kansas state legislature has been somewhat slow to take advantage of these natural benefits, and the measures taken by the state to encourage solar power have been few and far between.

As of 2007, all energy production plants in Kansas must produce at least 10 percent of their energy from renewable sources, and utilities companies receive tax credits for electricity generated from renewable energy. Net metering is also available for Kansas residents with renewable energy systems in place, although unused utility credits earned won’t result in a rebate. For homeowners and small businesses, personal tax credits, property tax exemptions, and state loans are some of the few ways that Kansas has begun to move beyond the state’s past fixation on coal-generated energy.


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